Hey hey, this is me Doro. Actually my full name is Dorothée but everybody calls me Doro and yes, I'm a graphic / web designer based in Berlin. And moving soon in Brussels. Very soon. And because I don't really like to talk about myself, here's a list of what I've done the last 6 months. But if you don't have time to waste, you can have a look to my resume.

  • watched Die Hard for the 2356th time
  • finished The Witness, Inside, Firewatch, Oxenfree and Tomb Raider (I didn't finish Uncharted 4 - it sucked) 
  • changed 240 diapers
  • lost 25 seconds of my life every time I wanted to preview a RAW on my server
  • sweared 643 times against Adobe and Apple 
  • listened a lot to Boards of Canada, Ben Frost, Otto Von Schirach, David Lynch, Mondkopf according to Spotify
  • read The Robots and Fondation from Asimov, a lot of Medium articles, Sprints ( spoiler alert : they want to make the world a better place ) and 24650 times A bit Lost 
  • went to the Things to come, Kreuzberg-Amerika and Total Record exhibitions - only 3 in 6 months, that's kind of sad...

You can drop me a message, if you're interested to talk about your project goals, ideas and needs.
Let's go grab a coffee or a glass of wine. We can even do that through Skype.