It's not only about UI

So here's the deal. I’m relocating and I'll be looking for a job in a new city. And if you read carefully Tobias Van Schneider newsletter - yes sir I do it every week - you'll know that a lot of companies are checking linkedin. So here I am, taking a deep breath and getting back to this great profile of mine I haven't touched for years. 

It was no fun. At all.

I know how it might be complicated to make things move on such huge platform that has such a legacy. And Linkedin teams, I feel you. This is just some small improvment ideas that could make a user's day slightly better.


It was supposed to be simple

This is what's happening when you want to add a new media. 
How hard could it be, right?

A first step towards better UX

Let's try to make this "adding a media" more accessible to the user. I created some quick wireframes with - I hope - better solutions that should solve some of the many problems I faced. 


— The accessibility and the file format
The media section is not accessible enough. The title is super small and the "add media" button does not feel related to this section at all.

Furthermore, the user doesn’t know what size, ratio or maximum weight the file has to be. There's also a “supported media” link that forces the user to leave the page. 


Let's use their divider to separate the whole introduction and media section. Instead of having the button on top let's bring a ghost placeholder with an "add media" and a small description of what files and its maximum weight the user can upload.

Once the user clicks "add media", it will load a placeholder where she/he can just drag and drop, or click on the button "add" that will upload the file. The maximum size and the best ratio information would be discribed there. Also, the link field is placed below.


— Fitting the file
Let's upload a file.
Since there's no information about what so ever, you can't really know what image is going to look good. I tried with different files that have different ratio and size. The result was really bad.

There’s no way for the user to choose the crop, nor to drag the content to make the image fit better the container. It’s just fixed and the user needs to sort out how to create a media/image that will look good.



Why not using a dynamic cropper? If the file doesn't fit the container, it would at least give the user the opportunity to drag, crop his/her file the way he/she thinks looks the best for the page.

Also, there should be an easier way to change the image without cancelling the whole project. So let's just add a "change the image link".


— Why god, whyyyy?
Ok, this is probably the worse experience I had. And let me explain what I'm referring to.
I uplaoded my new media and it did appear at the end of the gallery. Since my old projects were really old, I just wanted my new media to be displayed first.

Well you can't.

You can't change its position in the gallery. The only way it works : you have to erase your old media. Yup. Erase them completely and re-upload them after. I hope your old file is not burried in some hardrive at your mom's place.





Maybe add a feature where it's possible to drag your media to the position that makes the most sense in the gallery. Or a way to re-organise the gallery. 

Please pretty please, just do something it.

Let's make the internet a better place.