Sound of Emergence

Sound for Emergence is a gesture-controlled interactive audio visual piece developed during the course of the 2014 CTM MusicMakers Hacker workshop.

The concept is to revive the spirit of 'sound in Z' though a cross-disciplinary work that combines human interaction, sound and visuals.


Sound of Emergence generated sound and image serve as feedback stimuli for the performer which, depending on his current focus, drives the piece either from a visual or a sonic perspective. This varying feedback leads itself to a very immersive experience for the conductor and leads to different results every time. As early projectionists suggested, this work is not a fixed, final and immutable piece but proposes a method through which every individual derives it's own interpretation of it.


By waving his hand in the air, the performer interact with a system that leads both to the construction of a generative digital drawing and influences the timbre and effects of droney soundscapes.

The canvas is made by a random number of points from which traces start. The closest the hand is from the leap motion the closest the points are from the center.