A Food portal

For 6 years I've been working as a web designer. Even though I first started as a front-end developer, I today focus more on UI and UX. 

I was asked to support a Polish team in their work. The scope of this project was to create a homepage that fits the new branding. The Polish team sent me some re-design concepts and I’ve been asked to share best practices.

One of the biggest challenges is to coordinate the implementation of a design with a team abroad. 

The design of the homepage and restaurant list were created after seeing positive impacts on other countries platforms.
What we knew had an increase on the transactions :

- table top with big food images
- stand alone input fields
- payment methods
- on boarding 3 steps


The UX and UI of the restaurant list is always the trickiest part since all the stakeholders - especially marketing - need to add as much information as possible in a very small placeholder.

This design is a reflection of what we knew worked pretty well in other countries. However, user tests and A/B test should always be done to improve the usability, especially on mobile browser


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