About me

Hey hey, this is me Doro. Actually my full name is Dorothée but everybody calls me Doro and yes, I'm digital designer based in Brussels. And because I don't really like to talk about myself, here's a list of what I've done the last 6 months. But if you don't have time to waste, you can have a look to my resume.

  • watched Die Hard for the 2356th time
  • played Hollow Knight, Cuphead, Celeste, Mario Kart and bought Doom Eternal for nothing since it sucked
  • climbed 120 different walls
  • lost 25 seconds of my life every time I wanted to preview a RAW on my server
  • sweared 643 times against Adobe and Apple
  • listened a lot to Boards of Canada, Ben Frost, Otto Von Schirach, David Lynch, Mondkopf according to Spotify
  • read The Robots and Fondation from Asimov, a lot of Medium articles, Sprints ( spoiler alert : they want to make the world a better place )
This is where you click on the link to contact me. Click, clicky click, click.

So yes, if you're interested to talk about your project goals, ideas, needs, holidays, love stories. We can go grab a coffee or a glass of wine. Or we can even do that through Zoom, I love talking in pijamas.